The United States Postal Service is asking for the cooperation of postal customers to keep walkways and mailboxes clear of snow and ice to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of mail.  This includes curbside boxes, Cluster Box Units (CBUs), and boxes mounted at other designated locations.

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Anyone with an interest in tourism in Cass County is invited to attend the annual meeting of the Cass County Tourism Committee. It will be held in the meeting room of the recently renovated Whitney building on Feb. 18 at 9 a.m.

A crew was hard at work cleaning up snow near the Audubon County Courthouse Wednesday, Feb. 20.. more precipitation possible over the weekend!

Ending a four-year legal battle, the Iowa Public Information Board on Thursday overturned a judge’s decision in its favor and ruled two law enforcement agencies did not break the law by keeping secret body camera video and other records of a 2015 fatal shooting by Burlington police.

Richard Longbow, a master bow maker and arrow smith who has immersed himself in the study of ancient humans and their tools, will be discussing his books “Who were the First Americans?” and “Frozen in Time” at the Atlantic Public Library on Saturday, March 16 at 10 a.m.

Oh, those Germans! They know how to bake! “Schnecken” is proof of that, Dear Readers!

Last month, members of the Atlantic Area Chamber Ambassadors visited Gade Insurance to meet the new owners: Lucas Mosier, Janet Johnson and Jay Simms. Mosier explained that former co-owner Kent Gade actually came to the trio back in 2016, asking if they would be interested in taking over the…

As part of an effort to keep students front and center regarding plans for preparedness, staff at Seneca Valley School District recently participated in the first “Stop the Bleed” training to learn the basics of bleeding control, how to use dressings and how to use a tourniquet properly.

Whether you like to graze all day at the office or eat simply out of boredom, it can be tough to make healthy snack choices when you’re sitting at a desk, especially if you’re limited to a potato chip-filled vending machine, a co-worker’s candy jar or a nearby fast food restaurant.

You know the routine. Life’s hectic, and you’re short on time. For ease and convenience, how often do you find yourself reaching for pre-packaged, processed foods or hitting the drive-thru after work? Even grocery stores provide single-serving meals you can heat for a quick bite.

Atlantic – The February session of Healthy U will be held Thursday, Feb. 21, at Cass County Health System.  

Atlantic – Due to high demand for the shingles vaccine Shingrix, many patients across the country, including Cass County residents, are waiting on the vaccine to become available at their provider’s office.

WASHINGTON (AP) — William Barr has been attorney general for just one week but is on the cusp of staring down what will almost certainly be the most consequential decision of his long career: how much of the special counsel's findings to make public.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — As President Donald Trump seeks a nuclear deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next week in Vietnam, some in Seoul are wondering if the fate of Washington's decades-long military alliance with South Korea could be at stake.

CUCUTA, Colombia (AP) — Venezuela's power struggle is set to become a battle of the bands Friday when musicians demanding President Nicolas Maduro allow in humanitarian aid and those supporting his refusal sing in rival concerts being held at both sides of a border bridge where tons of donat…

We would like  to thank all the firemen and everyone who helped put out the fire at the Matt Madsen residences north of Brayton Friday morning. You are all greatly appreciated! Special thanks to John Esbeck for going above and beyond like always. Thank you from the Weideman family and the Ma…

“Better is a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.”

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”