DES MOINES — Officials reported three more cases of COVID-19 in Cass County as of Thursday morning bringing the total to six in Cass County.

Cass County had just one reported case until May 12 when a second case was reported. Since then four more cases have been reported, all between May 16 and May 20. Two new cases were reported on Thursday.

No one has died from the virus in Cass County and one of the six infected individuals has recovered.

As of 9 a.m. Thursday 296 people have been tested at the Cass County Hospital with six positive cases and 283 negative results. Seven cases are pending. State-wide on 352 positive cases were reported on Wednesday with a total of 400 deaths, two on Wednesday. Over 115,000 Iowans have been tested with 15,93 testing positive.

Cass County Health officials say the increase was not unexpected and with relaxed quarantine rules more cases are anticipated.

“As we’ve watched this pandemic spread across the state, the increase in cases has always been anticipated, and we’ve been preparing for this for months. Recently, people have begun to travel more as well as interact more with family and friends. These behaviors lead to an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. As restrictions are eased further, and people begin interacting more regularly, we would expect cases to continue to increase. We know people are excited to spend time together over the holiday weekend, or head out to their favorite restaurants,” Cass County Public Health Director Beth Olsen said. “At the same time, we cannot stress enough that there is widespread community transmission in Iowa and surrounding counties. We might sound like a broken record, but the same advice holds true: stay home whenever possible, wear a mask, practice social distancing, frequently wash and sanitize your hands, and avoid touching your face. If you’re sick, even just mildly ill, stay away from others in your household, and stay home except to seek medical care.”

Olsen added that part of the increase could be due to the relatively late arrival of the virus to the area.

“From the data, it appears that the virus was introduced into our community later than other parts of the state,” she said.

No information was provided as the age or health backgrounds of the individuals infected.

In Regional Medical Coordination Center 4, which includes Cass and Audubon County — there were 23 new cases reported Wednesday up from 19 the day before and 11 new cases reported on Thursday afternoon — that number did not include two Cass County cases.

Adams — 3

Audubon — 11

Cass — 6

Crawford -423

Fremont — 4

Harrison — 18

Mills — 13

Montgomery — 5

Page — 10

Pottawattamie — 189

Shelby — 26

Taylor — 5