Former Anita Council Member Decides To Run For Seat

Mark Harris

ANITA – A former Anita City Council member has decided to run again for a seat on the council.

Mark Harris said he previously served on the council and he decided to run again because he cares about what happens to the town.

“I’ve lived (in the area) my whole life,” Harris said. “(And I’ve) lived in town for the last 18 years. I live there, and care what happens in my small town.”

Harris also said he is usually the person people call when they need something done

“If people need something, they come and find me,” he said.

He also said he enjoys doing the work the council does, and is willing to investigate a problem or an issue or even just listen to people.

“If somebody wants (the council) to check into something, or look into something or listen, (we do that), we check into it,” he said.

He said the biggest issue the city is dealing with right now is sewer project and how to pay for it.