Plans In Works For Lake Anita State Park’s 50th Birthday

ANITA – It’s another year. It’s another birthday. But this one is unique-it’s for Lake Anita State Park.

The park is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, and officials there are expected to start making plans to celebrate that milestone next month.

“May 30, 1969 was when Lake Anita was officially dedicated,” Park Manager Josh Peach said.

“Obviously, they started doing work before that, I think (1962) was when they first started doing work,” he said. “But (1969) was when we were officially dedicated.”

Peach said officials are in the early stages of planning, but thought there would be some events held around the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend this year. He also said the Friends of Lake Anita group are considering offering some type of souvenirs for people to mark the 50th Birthday.

Peach said he hoped to have more details on plans for the birthday after officials meet next month, and will get those out to the media to keep the public informed about the events.