ATLANTIC – A new donation post has been placed at Buck Creek Dog Park at the Schildberg Recreation Area in Atlantic.

Atlantic Park Director Bryant Rasmussen said while dog parks in bigger cities charge for using it, he doesn’t want to do that in Atlantic, but give people the option to donate if they want to.

“If you do enjoy using this, even a dollar here, a dollar there (can help with upkeep or to add new things to it in the future),” Rasmussen said. “Our goal is to hopefully get about $100 per year. It’s been up there for maybe a week, and we already have $57.”

Rasmussen also said that the restrooms have been closed for the season, however, the waterless restroom is still open. It was previously damaged back in August, when several bathrooms in area parks were vandalized. He said the restroom previously included a heater, but they decided not to replace it, so while it may be cold in the restroom, it is still usable. Next spring, a water line to the restrooms at the tennis courts in Sunnyside Park will have to be replaced.

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