ATLANTIC – Bob Sweeney reported to the Atlantic School Board on Wednesday night that progress was being made on the school facilities project, but there were still spots workers where were still behind.

Sweeney said workers were ahead on dirt work and grading, thanks to “Old Man Winter (being) kind to us” and not coming until Jan. 10.

He said work on the concession stands was behind though, due to “blocks (that were) back ordered, holidays, weather or shipping delays,” but he said, he said they “did get three of four truckloads of blocks in last week.”

Sweeney said people may notice there is a plastic tent around the Trojan Bowl now, and said workers did not lay any of the blocks on Wednesday, “because of temperatures we were to get (Wednesday night and Thursday)and the winds.”

But he thought they could catch up with that part of the project this weekend.

“My prediction is they will be back on Saturday,” Sweeney said. “They may work on Sunday because both days are suppose to be in the 40’s.

Last year, voters approved a $9.5 million bond issue for the facilities project, which includes reconditioning the baseball and softball fields and adding a new common area between the fields with a concession stand, converting the high school football field to artificial turf, and a number of improvements at the Trojan Bowl, including installing artificial turf.