ATLANTIC – Recent COVID numbers in Atlantic School remain low, however, at the end of April, 15 students had to be quarantined, according to a monthly report from Atlantic Superintendent Steve Barber.

No staff members or students tested positive during the weeks of April 1 or April 8, and only one staff member and three students were quarantined during the week of April 1. During the week of April 8, three students had to be quarantined.

One student tested positive during the week of April 22, and three staff members and 13 students had to be quarantined. During the week of April 29, four students tested positive and 15 students had to be quarantined.

Barber said many staff members have been vaccinated, and that has helped keep staff from being quarantined.

“Many of our staff members have taken advantage of vaccinations and we have had examples of where staff was not quarantined for being close contacts due to getting vaccinated,” he said.

The school’s mask mandate changed in April, and now staff and students are expected to wear a mask if they can’t social distance.

During a March meeting, Board Member Kristy Pellett suggested keeping the mandate in place until April 5, and then going back to the policy in which masks were expected to be worn only when staff and students could not follow social distancing rules. She used the board as an example, saying during their meetings they are spaced out, and typically, members do not wear masks unless they have to be closer to someone than six feet. Board member Nick Hunt disagreed with the change, wanting to continue to keep the mandate in place. The board voted 4 to 1, with Hunt voting no, to change the mandate.

Barber said most staff and students are able to social distance in all the school buildings, except in Washington Elementary.

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