CASS COUNTY – The Iowa County Engineers Executive Board is interested in the issues Cass County is facing due to a state plan to increase Interstate 80 from four to six lanes across the state. The project has been a topic of discussion for the Cass County Board of Supervisors in recent weeks as 570th Street near the interstate could be closed for the planned expansion, but landowners in the area would rather see it stay open as they use it to move farm equipment.

State IDOT officials said they don’t have a preference whether the road remains open or not, but the county could receive a $1.5 million incentive for future bridge work if they do close it. Cass County Engineer Trent Wolken said the state board was meeting on Friday, and they were interested in the issue because other counties are facing similar decisions. Cass County is one of the first counties in the state to deal with the issue and to be offered the incentive. He said engineers were wondering how the situation may play out in other counties.

“We’re not the only ones to be facing this, but we are one of the first,” Wolken said.

Wolken wanted to get feedback from other engineers in the state about the issue, and said the topic is on their agenda as a discussion item for Friday.