Above Normal Precipitation Expected In State This Month

(photo by Jennifer Nichols)

People may be shoveling more in January as the long term outlook for the state includes above normal precipitation this month.

Officials at the National Weather Service said Iowa and other parts of the country are expected to have above normal precipitation this month.

“What I can tell you is the official outlook for the month of January is calling for above normal precipitation, which probably means snow because most of the precipitation in January falls as snow,” an official from the National Weather in Des Moines said earlier this month. “That’s the entire state including western Iowa. It’s a pretty strong above normal signal for the entire state of Iowa as well as much of the eastern half of the United States.”

He said the outlook doesn’t give specific information for areas like southwest Iowa or Cass County, just the entire state.

While temperatures have been above normal during the beginning of the week, forecasts show they will return to the lower to mid-30’s starting on Friday. There’s a 50 percent chance of rain and snow throughout the day today along with windy conditions. At least an inch of snow is predicted to come tonight followed by another inch coming on Friday. Conditions next week are expected to be partly sunny and mostly cloudy.

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