Walnut Welcome Center

By Laura Bacon/NT Staff Writer

Walnut’s Welcome Center had financial difficulties and had to close, but a plan has been worked out by the Walnut Optimists to run it with volunteer help.

WALNUT – Walnut’s Welcome Center will be open again next month after it was closed mid-summer because a manager retired.

Members of the Optimist Club in Walnut own the center, and the city of Walnut provides some grant funds to help operate the center. Walnut City Clerk Shannon Wood said the center being closed caused a bit of an issue, because “there are no public restrooms downtown if it’s closed. The previous manager retired, and they haven’t been able to find anybody to replace her, so it’s been closed since July 1. But they did find a new manager, so they’re planning to open Oct. 1.”

Wood said the club’s plan is to have people work at the center on a strictly volunteer basis with suggested hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on days they would be open.

Wood said last year the city gave the club $11,500 to operate, and in discussion about the center this year, she said the club is asking for less funds from the city.

“They are asking for $250 a month which is a substantial decrease,” Wood said.

She also said they want to receive the funds on a three month schedule, and then revisit the funding with the council to see if that much is needed in the future.

She said said if it operated by volunteers, and there is a place to donate funds to the club if visitors use the center, especially for snacks and drinks, the amount of money they receive from the city could be changed.