CASS COUNTY – There’s a new face at Cass/Atlantic Development Corporation (CADCO). Jessi Klever started as assistant to CADCO Executive Director Jennifer McEntaffer on May 11.

Klever is originally from Fontanelle, graduated from Orient-Masksburg, attended Southwestern Community College and Kaplan University, and has lived in Atlantic for the past 11 years. Her family includes husband Blake and daughters Paislee and Maelyn.

Klever said she learned about the job at CADCO through a friend who saw it on Facebook.

“A friend messaged me (saying) ‘I think you’d be a good fit for this,’” Klever said.

Klever said, she is interested in getting more involved in the community, and wants to see the community grow and prosper.

She is doing her part to help in that as in 2016, she created the business JK Designs. She offers screen printing on things like t-shirts, and also creates signs. Those who want to learn more about her business can search for “JK Designs” online. She said she decided to start the business for one simple reason — “I really wanted to make myself a t-shirt.”

She said the best part of her job with CADCO is “working with Jenn,” and also getting to meet new people. She explained her husband has lived in Atlantic his whole life, and she has met many people through him and his job at Milk Unlimited. But now, working at CADCO will allow her to meet more people in different circles.

“It’s getting to meet people on a different level,” she said.