Blast From the Past Highlighted at Walnut's RAGBRAI Stop

Pictured at right -One of the main attractions at Walnut for RAGBRAI riders will be this huge bike. Pictured with the bike are Walnut RAGBRAI Committee members Kim Petersen, Max Petersen, Linda Booth, Amy Krueger and Jim Hansen. Not pictured Jim Blum, Amanda Lebeck, Felesha Petersen and Erich Cochran. (photo contributed)

WALNUT – A blast from Walnut’s RAGBRAI past is coming back.

While many people in Walnut are focused on the Antique Walk this Friday and Saturday, the next big event there will be when RAGBRAI riders travel through town on the route on July 21.

The last time the bike ride traveled through Walnut was in 2001, and one item that was made for that particular ride will be on display.

“We have a high wheeled bicycle,” said Amy Krueger, who is in charge of public relations for the bike ride stop in Walnut. “A couple of local blacksmiths made it in 2001 when RAGBRAI came through Walnut then.”

Krueger said it will be moved to the center of downtown Walnut, and they also have a resident who dresses up on Uncle Sam, and walks around on stilts. He will be walking around the high wheeled bike that day.

Beyond that, the theme for the day is “Go Nuts in Walnut,” and Krueger said there will be a couple of games for children and adults with that theme in mind. The first is “Nut Pong,” in which the object is to toss plastic walnuts into a bucket, and the other is “Nut Dig,” in which people have to dig around in a sand pit to find a real walnut, among several fake walnuts.

She said there will be a number of vendors, including members of the Walnut Community Center Foundation, who will be selling beer at a beer garden to help raise funds to help with the transition of the building from a school to a community center. There will also be a vendor with the name “Wine on Wheels,” offering a variety of spirits.

Krueger said other vendors will offer things like pie, ice cream, lemonade and smoothies, to name a few, and members of the Corn Growers Association will be preparing and serving free sweet corn. Much more information about the event can be found the Walnut RAGBRAI Facebook Page.