City Of Griswold Prepares To Apply For CDBG Funds

The city of Griswold, with the help of Southwest Iowa Planning Council, is preparing to apply to the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) for a Community Development Block Grant for housing rehabilitation and is asking for help from residents.   

Applications must meet certain criteria including need, impact, and feasibility of the project within the city.  To determine these things, SWIPCO will be doing a telephone income survey, a housing assessment survey, and soliciting pre-applications.

The income survey is conducted by phone by SWIPCO staff and consists of two questions regarding the number of residents in the household and whether the household income falls above or below a certain amount.  No names will be used and all the information collected is strictly confidential.  

The housing assessment survey is a brief survey to determine the community’s current and future housing needs.  The survey is currently available online at . Paper copies of the survey can be found at City Hall and the Library.

“Public participation is a critical component of the housing assessment and application process.  The survey allows residents to inform the city of what they feel the most pressing needs are, what they would like to see happen, and goals to work toward,” said SWIPCO Lead Planner Alexsis Fleener.  

Any homeowners interested in participating in the CDBG home rehabilitation program are strongly encouraged to submit a pre-application.  Pre-applications are available at city hall (712-778-2615) or through SWIPCO (866-279-4720 ext. 234).  Submit the pre-application and income tax return to SWIPCO by April 1, 2018.   Applications may be submitted by mail, email, or drop off.  If the city is awarded the CDBG grant, all pre-applicants will be contacted to complete a full application.  

The CDBG owner-occupied housing repair program seeks to bring homes up to Iowa Minimum Housing Rehabilitation Standards.  Items repaired may include furnaces, water heaters, windows, doors, roofing, siding, foundation, etc. up to $24,999.