ATLANTIC – The Atlantic Promotion Commission (CPC) recommended $65,000 for their budget for the 2022 fiscal year during its meeting on Thursday.

Chairman Lucas Mosier said the commission’s total budget for 2021, which ends on June 30, was $63,100. He suggested either leaving next fiscal year’s budget the same or increasing it slightly, in case people are able to do more activities this year which will help promote Atlantic and come to the CPC for funding.

“What I would probably say we can leave it right where it’s at the $63,100 or possibly even go to $65,000 just in case we are allowed to open back to have more community promotions,” he said.

The Atlantic Chamber frequently requests funds from the CPC for its activities, and in the past year, they requested $44,200. Atlantic Chamber Executive Director Bailey Smith said it was likely they would request a similar amount for the next fiscal year, but it depended on what activities they would be able to have.

“Nothing has changed from the last few years,” Smith said. “It’s just what we’re expecting to do. Last year, we didn’t request half of it because we didn’t do half of it. So it all just depends on what we’re able to do this year.”

Members approved recommending the $65,000 for the budget.

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