Sorensen Wants To Continue City Council Work

(photo contributed)

Carmen Sorensen

GRISWOLD – Carmen Sorensen wants to continue working for the city of Griswold.

Sorensen decided to run again for her city council seat, and if elected, this will be her second term.

“I like the work that I’m doing,” she said. “I really enjoy being able to help make decisions for Griswold.”

She said one of most recent projects the city has been working on is paving the streets around Griswold’s park.

“We just got done approving funding for the project around the park,” she said. “We’re working on getting that started. We’ve done some good projects, we’re working on the paving the streets around our park, and I like being a part of that process.”

She said she isn’t sure what the next project will be for the town, but she wants to continue on “just to see the town move forward,” and would “love to see it thrive.”