GRISWOLD – Officials with the Vermeer Corporation announced earlier this week that they have purchased Schuler Manufacturing, a family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality feeding solutions based in Griswold.

Officials say the acquisition is to help them “to provide the most comprehensive suite of hay harvesting, processing and feeding equipment to farmers and ranchers across North America.”

Liz Sporrer, representative of the company, said Friday that company officials are constantly looking for ways they can help their customers.

“Vermeer is always looking at opportunities as to how we can best meet our customers’ demands,” Sporrer said. “How can they better feed their cattle, and in turn, feed their communities. We look at the product offerings that we have, and we look out what else our customers are desiring. And what could fit those needs.”

Beyond that, Sporrer said, officials also look to see if a company, “aligns from a culture stand point,” And, she said. “When you look at Schuler, there’s just a lot of things that lined up really, really well. Vermeer is company that is founded by a farmer, who loves farming, and his goal was to do work better, to make life simpler for others. What so neat about Schuler is it is the exact same story. (Officials at both companies are) dedicated to Iowa, (and) dedicated to the agriculture industry. We’re really excited.”

Founded by Dorland Schuler in 1964, Schuler Manufacturing offers a full line of high-quality equipment serving the beef cow-calf, feedlot and dairy industries with TMR (total mixed ration) mixers and feed wagons. Known for premium quality and performance, Schuler’s TMR mixers are available in trailed, truck-mounted and stationary options. The feed wagon product line includes hay and bunk style options and are purpose-built for handling higher roughage rations.

“The addition of Schuler’s feeding equipment strengthens our long-term vision to continually introduce new product innovation for cattle producers across the entire hay and feeding value stream,” said Mark Core, executive vice president of Vermeer Forage Solutions. “By bringing Schuler’s feeding solutions into the Vermeer product family, farmers and ranchers can further depend on Vermeer to help them care for their livestock and operate efficiently, whether they are making hay or mixing feed.”

The current line-up of Schuler-made TMR mixers and feed wagons will continue to be produced in Griswold and sold through existing Schuler and now select Vermeer distribution partners focused on feeding solutions expertise. Products will initially be sold under the Schuler brand, with an intentional transition to Vermeer as the two companies fully integrate.

Louis Norton, a 30-year Vermeer team member with strong experience in engineering, operations, continuous improvement and business partnerships, will serve as general manager of the Schuler Manufacturing operation and facilities in Griswold and will guide the integration into the Vermeer family. Several Schuler family members will continue to play important roles in sales, manufacturing and support areas of the business.