Iowa 3rd District Congresswoman Cindy Axne rejected claims Thursday that the impeachment of Donald Trump would further divide the country after voting in favor of the action Wednesday.

“Give me a break with that,” she said. “We’ve been trying, I’ve been trying, people have been trying. And now, to just say, ‘oh, now’s the time we need unity,’ after four years of supporting this? And seeing what happened? An insurrection happened as a result of being complicit with the president’s framework for four years,” she said speaking on KMA’s “Morning Line” program Thursday morning.

Axne was one of 222 Democrats and 10 Republicans who voted Wednesday to impeach Trump on a charge of “incitement of insurrection” alleging he encouraged a mob to storm Congress — an act that resulted in at least four deaths.

“The vast majority of folks know what we witnessed last week is completely unacceptable,” said Axne. “Criminal actions, actions that violate very basic principles of right and wrong, watching a Capitol police officer being dragged down the steps and beaten by the American flag. We cannot normalize this. What happened has got to be addressed, or else it will happen again. These are domestic terrorists.”

She claimed that Trump has been “inciting riots” from months by refusing to accept the results of Novembers election of president-elect Joe Biden.

“Actions like this have to have consequences,” she said. “It’s literally that simple. If we do not hold the president and others who incited this violence accountable, we normalize this. Not only does this send a message to the American public that it’s okay to have an insurrection against your own government, imagine what this sends to terrorist organizations around the world.”

Axne also said she was “sick of hearing” that the impeachment could have been put off since there was less than two weeks remaining in the presidents term and the that the Senate would not be able to take up the removal trial until after he has left office.

“I’m so sick of hearing this at this point,” said Axne. “This is the most impactful position in the entire country. This is not some middle management job, where we can let Bob sit in the corner for a few weeks, or a few days, knowing that nothing’s really going to happen. This is the most important and impactful job in the entire world.”

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican, said Thursday he’s not sure there should even be a Senate trial, given the timeline, as it wouldn’t likely take place until Trump is already out of office.

“It’s a big constitutional question about impeaching a private citizen,” Grassley says. “That’s a major thing you’ve gotta’ think about, should Congress, under the Constitution, even do it?”

(reporting by BY Mike Peterson/KMA Radio — Matt Kelly/Iowa Radio)

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