ATLANTIC – The Atlantic School Board approved upgrading the district’s phone system Wednesday at a cost of $46,350.

The current phone system is outdated, according to school officials and Scott Bennett, owner and operator of NISHNANET, who is doing the upgrade for the school.

“(The current phone system) is past its useful life,” Bennett said in his proposal. “It was a very advanced system at its time, however Toshiba exited the telephone business in 2017. No new parts are being made, and support is becoming difficult.”

District Technology Coordinator Roger Warne said there are a couple of desk phones that “are starting to have problems and not working, and I can’t get any parts for them or I can’t get replacements.”

Atlantic Superintendent Steve Barber said the upgraded system will offer more features as well.

“Right now, our current system doesn’t use technology,” Barber said during a May 26 meeting. “Right now, if I have a message on my phone, I have to look over there, see if the light’s blinking. Whereas this one will send me an email, saying ‘hey, you have a voice message.’ It communicates that way.”

Bennett said another advantage of the new upgraded system is that more vendors offer parts and service for it, instead of just one vendor with the current system.

He said the system could be installed this summer.

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