Amos Is Surprised To Be Chosen As Scholarship Contest Winner

(photo contributed)

Pictured are the four fair queen candidates, Emily Plagman, Jocelyn Amos, Taylor McCreedy and Paige Jensen. This year, in place of the king and queen contest at the fair, they held a scholarship contest, giving scholarships to the top two following interviews. Amos was awarded the top spot, and Plagman was the runner up.

CASS COUNTY – Jocelyn Amos was surprised she was chosen as the scholarship contest winner during the Cass County Fair.

Typically, a king and queen contest is held each year at the fair, but due to changes to the fair contests because of the coronavirus outbreak, instead candidates were interviewed and the top two were chosen to receive scholarships. Only four queen candidates participated this year including Amos, Paige Jensen, Taylor McCreedy and Emily Plagman. Following interviews, judges named their top two contestants, based on participant poise and interview preparation. Amos was named the top interview, and Plagman was the runner up.

“I was honestly very shocked,” Amos said. “ I was surprised because I thought that was a really good group of very involved girls in the 4-H and FFA (programs). So I was honestly very pleasantly surprised.”

Amos, who is the daughter of Mike and Kayla Amos and is from the Grant area, said she has participated in the queen contest before, but the interviews for the scholarship contest were only slightly different this year.

“The interview portion wasn’t that different,” she said. “It was just different because (this year) because there were only four girls, and last year, there were 12. And (because of) social distancing (rules), we each had our own table for the group interview, but other than that, the whole interview was completely normal.”

Scholarship funds of $425 went to the top interview and $325 to the runner up for participants to continue their education, thanks to generous local sponsors including Deb Schuler, Smith Land Service, Jim & Patty Rogers, Laura Robinson, Special Occasions-Gerri Blake, Beth Bornholdt, Cass County Farm Bureau, Brocker Karns & Karns and Jacque Wickey in Memory of Arlene Wickey.