ATLANTIC – Atlantic Chamber Director Bailey Smith wanted to recognize each of the 27 members of the core committee that oversaw the Atlantic RAGBRAI overnight stop.

“Atlantic RAGBRAI was organized, clean and insanely fun and it wouldn’t have been possible without this group of dedicated, community-minded people who spent six months planning this day (as well as) recruiting committee members and hundreds of volunteers (on the day of the event),” Smith said.

Following is a list of the core committee and committees that they were in charge of for the event: Co-Chairs: Kipp and Nick Harris; Executive Committee: Kipp Harris, Nick Harris, Bailey Smith and Andrew Martin; Entertainment Committee Chairs: Kent Hanson and Devin Hogue; Beer Garden Committee Chairs: Mark McNees, Matt Benning and ReAnn Cappel; Budget Committee Chair: Andrew Martin; Campground Committee Chair: John Becker; Public Safety Committee Chair: Mike Kennon; Electrical Committee Chair: Junior Hanson; Food and Vendor Committee Chairs: James Baker, Cathy Hansen and Sara Nelson;

Housing Committee Chairs: Beverly Schelling and Julie Anderson; Information Center Chair: Dolly Bergmann; Law Enforcement Committee Chairs: Chief Dave Erickson, Lt. Devin Hogue and Lt. Paul Woods; Medical Committee Chairs: Darci Young and Amanda Bireline; Hospitality Committee Chair: Leroy Phillips; Ride Right Committee Chairs: Dave Chase and Steve Anderson; Showers & Sanitation Committee Chair: Lucas Mosier; Shuttle Service Committee Chair: Steve Anderson; Volunteer Recruitment Committee Chairs: Jason and Nicole Ball; Publicity Committee Chairs: Bailey Smith and Nick Harris; and Web and Social Media Committee Chair: Scott Bennett.

Smith also noted that the non-profit organizations and local businesses that were open during the RAGBRAI stop did very well that day as well.

“(They all) had a very good day,” Bailey said Wednesday during the Atlantic City Council Meeting.