CASS COUNTY – After another discussion on Tuesday on setting an allowance for cell phone use and who is eligible to receive it, the Cass County Board of Supervisors tabled a decision to discuss the idea with department heads.

The current allowance is $40 per month, and previously there was discussion on whether that figure was too high, especially since the average person spends about $50 per month for their cell phone bill.

Concerns were raised Tuesday that some people were using their cell phones and did not receive an allowance. One suggestion was to lower the allowance so that more people could receive it. There was also discussion about who would need a cell phone, especially if the person was working inside in an office most of the time. There was also the worry that employees who had county cell phones may use them for personal use.

Cass County Engineer Trent Wolken said cell phones have been used more in his department during the COVID-19 pandemic because a lot of communication was by text to keep people from getting in close proximity. Radios were also used.

The board agreed that the topic should be discussed with department heads to determine how cell phones are used in their department, and that may affect their decision.

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