AUDUBON — Two members of the group Grandfather Clock kicked off the summer’s Music in the Park earlier this month. Darla Hansen, along with Dave Brammann, was the first on the list for this year’s groups. The duo played various songs of different genres and different artists. Regardless of what the song is, Hansen says they always love playing in front of a hometown crowd, as Hansen grew up in Audubon County and Brammann from Shelby County.

“What brought us here is that I grew up in Audubon County,” Hansen said. “I’ve sung a lot in Audubon over the years. So when the library asked us, we though it was the natural thing to do because it’s like coming home when we’re in Audubon County and you always appreciate people that followed you and listen to you over the years.”

While playing with the rest of the Grandfather Clock group is fun, Hansen and Brammann say events like this are also a fun time as the spotlight goes onto them and the choices are there’s to make.

“It allows to play all the songs we like,” Brammann said. “It might be an old rock and roll tune or a traditional country song or maybe even an original song. Darla and I have been together for a while and it’s fun when she and I just do something like this together and play the stuff we want to play. We try to pick songs people will enjoy and at the same time we like to introduce something new to them.”