ATLANTIC – Members of the Atlantic Community Promotion Commission (CPC) continued a discussion about developing an overall plan to promote Atlantic. One idea included more external promotion.

The group receives funding requests from organizations to help promote events, and they would like even more of those, but beyond the funding requests was a desire to use CPC funds to advertise Atlantic in places beyond Atlantic.

Many of the people who make funding requests were likely to advertise in what was described in the meeting as the “big three”- or the Atlantic News Telegraph, KSOM/KS95 radio stations and KJAN. All agreed that was good as their message was getting to people and it helped support those local businesses. But they considered having the CPC suggest places funds could be spent, whether it was another southwest Iowa town or even markets like the Omaha and Des Moines areas.

Another idea was getting the message to business officials that funds could be used to further stretch their own advertising dollars. One example that Megan Roberts suggested is some type of collaboration between businesses.

“If all insurance agents get together and threw a big party in Atlantic to get people to come here, that was the kind of collaboration I would love to see CPC fund,” Roberts said.

Another suggestion was to listen to what types of things members of the Atlantic Chamber and Cass/Atlantic Development Corporation (CADCO) are doing to promote Atlantic. It’s possible that those things could be advertised with CPC funds.

Members wanted to hear reports from both of those groups during the next CPC meeting to continue the discussion.