ATLANTIC – Atlantic Facilities Committee Member Bob Sweeney believes the athletic facilities at the Atlantic High School should be ready to use at the end of March or the beginning of April.

Some work remains to be done including installing the track at the high school, but Sweeney said that should be done in the spring.

“We are not going to have field turf or polyurethane track or asphalt under the track poured this fall (at the high school),” Sweeney told the Atlantic School Board Wednesday. “They do not do it when it gets to be the middle of November, (however, the schedule was set so) it will be ready for everything to start as soon as we can in the spring.”

“I stand here with no magical ball, but I really believe that March 31, maybe the first week in April, that facility will be useable for tennis, for track and for soccer,” Sweeney said. “But I’m also going to tell you that maybe the first week or two of track practice they will have to go to the other facility (to practice).”

He recommended the board consider replacing the old fencing at the high school with a a new black coated fence which he thought would look better.

As far as the baseball and softball fields, Sweeney said, the fields have been seeded, fence and backstop posts have been put in, and work continues on the concession stand and restrooms. Volunteers will be working to clean and replace the lettering on the scoreboards before they can be installed.