CASS COUNTY – This year’s Harvest Market event will be held at the Cass County Community Center.

There was discussion last week that the event, which is similar to Produce in the Park, with vendors offering produce and other items, about possibly changing the location, but in an email, Brigham Hoegh, Produce in the Park Market Manager, said 2019’s event will be held at the Cass County Community Center.

“The Harvest Market will again be at the (Cass County Community Center),” Hoegh said. “We considered other venues, but we are sticking with the Cass County Community Building for 2019.”

Hoegh said previously she was going to look at the former Salvation Army building as a possible location when considering ways to cut costs.

The event will be held on the Nov. 25 from 3 to 7 p.m., and vendor applications are available online at There are discounts if registration is completed before Oct. 15.

Hoegh said previously one advantage to having the event is that people can purchase items for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

“The other good thing I think about this market you can do a lot of craft stuff for Christmas or the vendors do a lot of pre sale for Christmas stuff,” she said previously.