ATLANTIC — Atlantic Police Chief Dave Erickson said Wednesday that applications are now available for bow hunters interested in harvesting deer within the city limits of Atlantic.

Erickson told the City Council Wednesday night that permits would be issued to all qualified hunters and that applications are now available at the police department. The season will be limited to 10 does.

“Once the 10 have been taken and reported then the season will close,” Erickson said.

To qualify a hunter must be 18-years-old, have state hunting license and show proof of successful completion of a bow hunting proficiency and safety course administered by the DNR. They will also have to pass a proficiency test administered by the Atlantic Police Department with the bow that will be used to hunt in the City. Standards for this test, and the frequency thereof, shall be established and promulgated by the Chief of Police and approved by the Community Protection Committee. Standards will at no time circumvent or lessen requirements of the Iowa DNR or the laws of Iowa.

Hunters may hunt on land with written permission of the property owners and approved by Chief of Police and City Council. Shot

Hunting shall occur on land that the holder has given signature authorization and permission for hunting to occur thereon and which has been approved of by the Chief of the Atlantic Police Department and the City Council. Elevated stands must be located at least 150 feet from an occupied building, or 75 feet from an unoccupied building and all shoots must be no longer than 30 yards from the hunters location.

This is the sixth year the city has allowed hunting inside the city limits and Erickson said the program has cut down on the number of accidents involving deer.

“It’s been going rather well we haven’t had any deer/car accidents in the city limits in about two and a half years,” he said.