LEWIS – Officials with the Cass County Landfill say they have found trash, including used toilet paper and feces in the recycling bins in Lewis.

They issued a statement that said, “Over the last few months, we have seen a disturbing problem when we empty the recycling containers located in Lewis. An abundance of trash (That in no way could be confused as recyclable material) has been found in the bins. The most grotesque material has been human/animal feces and used toilet paper.”

Landfill Manager Brandi Mericle said Wednesday that signs have been posted on the recycling bins in Lewis and at City Hall telling people that type of trash has been found in the bins, and if it continues, the bins will be removed completely. She told KJAN Radio that, “We will pull these bins from the Lewis Community. This is a drastic action that we would rather avoid. ”

She said staff started noticing the trash about three months ago in Lewis, and if that is found with material that can be recycled, the material instead has to be thrown away.

She told KJAN Radio that another problem area is the bins near the Atlantic Shopping Plaza, where people have been dumping trash near the bins.

She said if people happen to see anyone disposing of trash in the bins they should contact law enforcement at 712-243-2206. Fines can range from $625 to $3,000. If people have questions about what can and can’t be recycled, they should contact Mericle at 712-243-1991.