ATLANTIC – Atlantic School officials are proposing a lower overall tax levy rate of $14.22 for the 2020-21 Budget.

Board members and school officials discussed the proposed budget Wednesday night during an online meeting, and Atlantic Superintendent Steve Barber and Board Secretary and Finance Director Sarah Sheeder said the valuations of property are higher from last year — up 2.87 percent — so the district can still receive a similar amount of taxes as they have in the past even with a lower tax levy rate.

The levy rate has been as follows for the last seven fiscal years, according to figures presented Wednesday night. In FY 2020, the rate was at $14.72, in FY 2019, the rate was $15.09, and in FY 2018, the rate was $15.78. In FY 2017, the rate was $15.77, in FY 2016, the rate was $15.19, and in FY 2015, the rate was $14.87. In FY 2014, the rate was $14.25.

School officials estimate the district will have $22,281,050 in revenues in 2020-21 in the proposed budget as well as an estimated $29,581,268 in expenditures in 2020-21.

A public hearing during an online meeting will be held on April 8, and Barber said the public will be given a phone number to call to ask questions as well as an email to send them in to during the meeting. The hearing will be held on that date starting at 6 p.m.