ATLANTIC – Employees at Atlantic Municipal Utilities (AMU) were out on Monday night fixing a water main break near the intersection of 10th and Mahogany Streets.

AMU General Manager Steve Tjepkes said Tuesday that about the same time as a call for a garage and house fire, (8 p.m. at 1100 Cypress Street), AMU staff learned of the break in the line, and employees responded to the area.

He said employees didn’t think customers in the area completely ran out of water, but “they would have had low pressure, low volume,” for several hours as employees tried to fix the problem.

Tjepkes said staff did not know what the cause of the leak was, but they were able to “isolate” the situation, which restored full pressure and volume to customers in the area. He said they learned there is “a bad piece of pipe,” in the line, and that will have to be replaced. However, he said, since the problem is isolated and customers aren’t experiencing water problems now, it is likely that replacement would occur sometime next spring.

“We’re thinking since we’ve got it isolated that maybe we’ll wait until the spring when we’ve got better weather,” Tjepkes said.

He said on Tuesday morning that employees who worked on the problem were sent home “ around 8 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. (Tuesday morning) because they worked all through the night.”

And, he said, everyone at AMU appreciates their efforts.

“We appreciate the guys working all night to get it resolved,” he said.