ANITA – A current Anita City Council Member has decided to run for mayor.

Thomas R. Harris, who has been on the council for eight years, said he decided to run for the position since the current Mayor Tim Miller decided not to run.

“We have several projects coming up, and I figured I just as well see them out,” Harris said.

He said one project is the city’s sewer system.

“The biggest issue right now we got coming up is revamping our sewage treatment plant,” he said.

He said the city has received USDA funds to help pay for the project, and new construction as part of the project could start in 2020. He also said it was also important to clean up some of the town’s old and run down properties, and continue to grow as a city.

“(It’s important to) generally just keep going forward (as a city),” he said.

Pictured at right- Tom Harris.

(Photo by Jennifer Nichols)