Tell you what I’m going to do.

In this down time of no sports, and with the spring sports season in Iowa still an uncertainty, surely there are athletes who are trying to keep busy in whatever ways to help deal with this COVID-19 crisis.

What I’d like to do is this: Why don’t you tell me your stories about what it is you’re doing to cope.

I don’t necessarily mean just staying in shape or following emailed workout plans, but acts of kindness. How are you helping others during this time? Whether it’s helping a neighbor get groceries, directing supply chains, making cards for the elderly who are now isolated in nursing care facilities, helping lead an online class for young children ... the list goes on.

And we’d love to know.

After all, we need to bring a little light in this time where it could get very bad.

Simply contact me at the News-Telegraph at (712) 243-2624, or my cell phone at (563) 340-5177. Or drop me a line at

Believe me, we’re all scared at this time of uncertainty. I definitely am. We hear so much about how this is going to get worse – who knows how much – before it gets better.

But things like this help me out and things we’re doing now – all while staying at home unless necessary and all those other things that have been urged – have helped. I hope it’s helped you out to.

And yes, I do believe the 2020 Olympic Games should be postponed.

Until 2021.

Yes, too many people at unease.

But it’s to protect ourselves from another outbreak.

To reach Brian Rathjen, send correspondence to or phone (712) 243-2624.