SOUTHWEST IOWA – Like many areas around the state of Iowa, harvest is nearly complete in southwest Iowa.

Aaron Saeugling, ISU Field Agronomist, said there may be a few isolated fields left to harvest, but most of the soybeans in the area have been harvested, and about 90 percent of the corn is also done.

“A majority of soybeans are out in the local area,” Saeugling said. “I still have some counties in the south that (producers) maybe late planted. There might be an isolated bean field here or there. (And) corn progress is kind of moved along (as well although it’s) not unusual to find a field here or there (not done, but corn is) about 90 percent done.”

Saeugling said producers have been “fighting some weather challenges” during harvest, and still are, but November provided enough time to help people get into the fields.

“I hesitate to say (November) was better weather, but it was tolerable,” Saeugling said. “Producers that are behind, they’ve been able to catch up (to a point if they don’t have fields harvested).”

Fields conditions, Saeugling said which, could be described as, “damp,” “moist,” or “it’s just muddy,” have attributed to delays in harvest, but producers also have had to dry down some crops, and have had challenges with access to propane. One bright spot, he said, is that producers have been able to apply fertilizer on fields, “so maybe we’re ahead (in field work) from fertilizer standpoint.”