ATLANTIC – The Atlantic School Board approved a change order for the facility project related to the retaining wall, for $44,911.77.

Part of the change order is due to a recommendation to dig out more dirt at the trench area and put in gravel because soil tests show some parts of the soil where the wall will be built have “inadequate capacity.”

Atlantic Superintendent Steve Barber and Facility Committee Representative Bob Sweeney said the cost could be higher or lower, because it is for time working on the wall and materials for the wall, and those could both vary. For example, Snyder and Associates Representative Dave Strum said the cost of the rock needed could be lower.

Board member Nick Hunt made the motion to go ahead with the change order, but hoped the actual cost would be less.

“We’ve got to approve this because otherwise the alternative is a a bad project or bad wall,” he said. “I reluctantly think we have to move forward. It is what it is. I think we just move ahead.”