GRISWOLD – In the battle between two Tigers — the Lenox Tigers and the Griswold Tigers — Lenox came out on top over Griswold Friday night 62-14.

Lenox took control of the game from the beginning, scoring 46 of their points in the first half, and spreading around the scoring between five different players. Senior Keegan Christensen had the most with four, senior Brad Larson and freshman Peyton Parrish each had two, and junior Johnathan Weaver and sophomore Caeden David rounded out the scoring with one TD each. The defense was also able to add four points, thanks to scoring a safety in the first half and another in the second half.

All of Griswold’s scoring came courtesy of sophomore Cale Swain, who caught two passes before finding the end zone. The first came following a drive that started at Griswold’s 25 yard line, and ended near Lenox’s 14 yard line. Once there, Griswold quarterback Lane Mueller connected with Swain for the TD. Swain’s second score started with a drive on Griswold’s 15 yard line, and ended with another pass from Mueller to Swain from Lenox’s 15 yard line.

Griswold Coach Chase Wallace had good things to say about Swain, Mueller and senior Sam Olsen who helped move those drives along by running the ball.

“He just works his butt off every time,” Wallace said of Swain. “We ask him to do pretty much everything. Lane threw the heck out of the ball, (and Olsen) we fed him the ball over and over again. There were times I was running it to him three times in a row. And he just kept going. He’s a tank.”

Wallace also praised the offensive line, saying, “They were there. Pushing every time. (They had the) No quit (mentality).”

He said he noticed more physical play from the team during the last two week, which he praised them for doing, but he also said that mistakes like penalties and not taking care of the ball properly stalled drives that could have resulted in more points.

“From the previous two weeks, we were way more physical, and I was proud of our effort,” he said. “We just had a lot of mistakes, both penalties and fumbling the ball taking care of the ball that really killed our drives a lot of the time. Lenox is a heck of a team, well coached, they got a lot of big guys and a lot of speed. At times they (just) were better than us. We’ve just got to come out next week, practice and improve.”

The Griswold Tigers will face the Stanton Vikings next week at Stanton, and Wallace said pass defense will likely be one key to beating the team.

“I haven’t watched a ton of their film, but judging from last year, they like to throw the ball,” Wallace said of Stanton. “So just working on our pass defense. We struggled a little bit today against the pass, so we’ve got to make sure we get that cleaned up.”