ATLANTIC – An author originally from the Creston area will be in Atlantic on Oct. 15 to discuss his book “Calling All Volunteers,” and said the culture needs to change on how organizations manage their volunteers.

Dr. Jesse O. Bolinger, CNP, Ph.D is originally from Creston, and his book grew out of his research for Ph.D. He said one of the most surprising things he learned from his research is how organizations are managing their volunteers.

“We have a great volunteerism culture in our country, but overall I would say 99 percent of our non-profits in the country are terrible at volunteer management,” Bolinger said. “And they’re terrible at it because either they don’t think they need volunteers or they don’t know how to recruit them. They don’t think people want to (volunteer sometimes) but people don’t want to because, guess what? Nobody’s asked them. And I already knew that, to a point, but it really got reinforced that you need to ask, because part of what you find is that people have ideas that organizations haven’t considered, and organizations need to open their minds to ideas.”

Bolinger said he believes the culture will change, “because it needs to.” He uses Steve Jobs as an example because originally he had the idea, “A computer on every desk,” and later, he said people would be “running around with hand held devices.”

“Everybody thought he was crazy,” he said. “And then the iPhone dropped, and the iPad dropped (and so on).”

He said the culture can change it just, “takes innovation,” and it “takes a cultural shift.”

Bolinger said Atlantic is one of his stops on his tour because he was researching towns that were similar size to Creston, and one of them was Atlantic, so he wanted to come back and share the book with residents here.

He will be speaking at the Atlantic Rotary Meeting on Oct. 15 at noon, and then later do a presentation at the Atlantic Library at 4 p.m., followed by a question and answer session and a book signing.