Griswold School Officials Move Forward On Elementary Building Sales

Bidders looked at and picked up items they purchased during an auction on Saturday at the Griswold MS/HS Parking Lot. The items were things school officials wanted to sell since they were not needed for the elementary buildings with the new one campus structure.

GRISWOLD – Griswold School officials are moving forward on the sale of the two elementary buildings in the district. The buildings are being sold as the district is going to an one campus structure with all schools lcoated in Griswold.

On Saturday, school officials held an auction of items from the two buildings that the district would no longer need.

Griswold Superintendent Dave Henrichs said last week that there are several steps in the process of selling the buildings. The Lewis Elementary is being sold to 3HO, LLC, a company that is owned and operated by Chris and Keri Jahnke of Lewis. They work in packaging materials.

The Elliott Building is being sold to Reyna Blay and Jeremy Putnam. Blay works with Jacque Howell, who operates day care in Elliott, and Blay also owns a baking business.

The two decided they could use the space for their businesses, as well as offer spaces to other entrepreneurs or for other events.

Henrichs said the Griswold School Board has to approve an intent to sell the property, a public hearing on the sale has to be held, the board has to approve having the board secretary and board president sign the deed, and authorize delivery of the deed then ownership has to be transferred to the new owner.

He said for both Lewis and Elliott properties there had to be research done on the abstract to have an exact property description.

Last month, a public hearing was held on the Lewis property, and there were no comments from the public. The board did approve having the board secretary and board president sign the deed.

Henrichs said during this month’s meeting, the school will consider authorizing delivery of the deed for the Lewis property, and ownership transfer is likely to take place at the beginning of July. He said the process for the Elliott property-the intent to sell-will also start this month.