New Name, Same Service: Gade Insurance becomes Armour Insurance

(photo by Jennifer Nichols)

Co-owner Lucas Mosier stands next to the new sign for the business. Mosier said he and owners Janet Johnson and Jay Sims decided to change the name from Gade Insurance to Armour Insurance at the beginning of the year.

SOUTHWEST IOWA – A familiar business is getting a new name. Gade Insurance is now Armour Insurance.

The agency was formerly owned and operated by Kent Gade, but he sold it to employees Lucas Mosier, Janet Johnson and Jay Simms, who took over at the beginning of last year.

Mosier said the idea behind the name change to allow the new owners “to make it our own.”

“We bought the agency Jan. 1 of 2019 from Kent, and there’s no other Gades involved in the agency, so we decided to make it our own,” Mosier said.

Mosier said the owners held a meeting to brainstorm ideas for a new name, and that discussion ended with the word “Armour.”

“What about Armour?” Mosier said, recounting the discussion the owners about the new name. “(It makes people think of) Protection, (and) we could have a shield for logo.”

Mosier said they did research to see if anyone one else was using the name, and only found one company in Canada that was, so they decided to go with it. He said the signs at the Atlantic and Griswold locations have been changed, and the sign at the Council Bluffs location was in the process of being changed, Mosier said.

Despite the name change, Mosier said, customers won’t see any other changes to the business.

“(We will still offer the) same great service that people have come to know from us,” he said.

More information about the business can be found on their Facebook Page — just search for Armour Insurance- or call any of their locations: Atlantic- 712-243-1951; Council Bluffs- 712-323-4959; or Griswold- 712-778-2683.