New Campground Host Loves Camping Life

(photo by Jennifer Nichols)

Deb Frazier is the campground host out at the camping area at Schildberg Recreation Area.

ATLANTIC – Deb Frazier grew up camping. She and her parents would drive to Greenfield or to Lake Anita State Park to camp. Now getting to camp is part of her job.

Frazier is the new campground host for the camping area at Schildberg Recreation Area, and she started a month ago.

She heard about the job from a post on Facebook, and decided it would be the perfect fit.

“When Schildberg’s first opened up, I had heard a couple people talking about (wanting a host out here), and I always told myself, ‘I love to camp, and I have grandkids that love to camp, that would be just awesome.’ (And it’s) something (I could do to) give back to my community.”

Frazier said the job includes working with people who want to camp there, especially when it comes to payment, and when the bath house reopens, she will be charge of cleaning it.

She said her favorite part is peacefulness of it.

“You don’t hear any sirens, you don’t hear any fire trucks, (you just have) calm and quietness,” she said. “It feels like you’re out in the country, and I’m the only one here. (You get to) hang out at a campground and enjoy the outside, country living.”

She invites campers to come out to Schildberg Recreation Area, and enjoy the camping area just like she is.

“Hope we have lots of happy campers out here, and everybody just come out and have fun,” she said.