On The Road With The Everharts

The Everharts

Whew, we are definitely ‘on the road.’

Sometimes, when we are at a State Park campground, like the Pancho Villa one in New Mexico, there’s no WiFi at all. No signal, no communication, no story. BUT, sooner or later we get to a spot that does.

It’s been interesting to say the least. Lots of miles of course, along with memories made, but a few always stand out.

We wanted to visit Red Rock Canyon Park in Oklahoma. What a beautiful place with those red rocks being absolutely huge, bigger than a really big building, smooth as silk, in a very special red color. Totally awesome.

That evening as we were getting ready for the ‘supper’ time, Sheila looked out the camper window and there was an armadillo. Boy talk about a prehistoric kind of animal.

It was just a little guy, probably this year’s young, out looking for bugs and treats. Sheila walked right up to him to get a photo. Turned out swell.

Next stop the ‘Red River” which is the boundary line between southern Oklahoma and northern Texas. The famous cowboy song ‘Red River Valley’ is proudly proclaimed to be written about this Red River. However our own research, easy for us since we work for the Smithsonian Institution, says that Red River is the one that separates the Dakotas and Minnesota, flowing north into Canada. Anyway we found a short story that talks about its first performance at a bar on the Nebraska/South Dakota border. Right time frame too.

Second interesting stop was the Dinosaur Park in Glen Rose, Texas. WOW, this is a real eye opener. This is the place where they found dinosaur tracks in the rock at the bottom of the small river that runs through it.

Amazingly, they found a place where a human footprint is etched into the rock right next to the dinosaur track. Not so? Absolutely so.

There is a research center called “Creative Evidence” that has the rock in their museum, and the obvious proof that Mr. Charles Darwin is absolutely totally false when he states that man evolved from apes. It has to be seen to be really appreciated, and the video program they have makes it perfectly clear.

Quick stop in Junction, Texas, where we overnight in a truck stop. Yes, it’s easy, comfortable, and though a little noisy, we can walk across the street to one of the best Bar-B-Ques in Texas.

And then on to the Pancho Villa State Park, which we like because the desert is so neat there, but we can also get ready for an ‘on the road’ story. We’re already dipping into November, my how the time flies, but this story just came out, you might find it amusing, especially since it is about one of the ‘country outlaws’ Kris Kristofferson.

I had received a press release that went like this...…”Kris Kristofferson will be honored by the Country Music Assn. with its 2019 Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award on November 13. It’s quite a high honor for anyone in country music....HOWEVER, WAIT A MINUTE....Kristofferson had something to say about the rig-a-ra-mo about the honor even though the CMA was boasting like crazy about him being with them.

Actually, Kristofferson is the kind of dude the CMA should be honoring each year as opposed to some of the other phony pop stars who they prop up on stage every November.

Who doesn’t love Kris Kristofferson? Besides, he and I are the same age...83...and I’ve been in communication with him about our own little ‘real’ country music hall of fame, which is located in Anita.

The Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement award was established in 2012 when they first awarded it to Willie. Other recipients have included Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, and Dolly Parton.

Kris, however, is blowing off the CMA and won’t be in attendance. Instead of walking out on a stage at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville to receive his award in front of some 20,000 fans, while another 6-million watch it on TV, Kris has elected to honor his contract to play the Adler Theater that night in beautiful downtown Davenport, Iowa, capacity 2,400.

Well that means maybe he needs to come to the Oak Tree in Anita. Then maybe not. At least not until our property dispute is taken care of.