Cass County 4-H is hosting the 4-H County Convention on Sunday, Nov. 10. The annual awards program will begin at 2 p.m. at the Cass County Community Center, and is being organized by the 4-H Youth Council and Youth Action Committee.

At County Convention, members and leaders of all twelve 4-H clubs in Cass County will be present on stage to receive recognition. Record book project awards will be announced and recognition will be given to members who did outstanding project work throughout the year. Local club leaders will be recognized for their service to the 4-H program.

Special recognition will be given to 4-H clubs for exceptional community service projects, herdsmanship at fair, 4-H Endowment Fund contributors, and promotional activities during National 4-H Week. Club officers will also be recognized for their excellent work.

“This is a great event for 4-Hers to receive recognition for their accomplishments,” stated Shelby Van Horn, Cass County Youth Coordinator. “We will also be recognizing community members and businesses for their continued 4-H support. Without those individuals, our 4-H program would not be as strong.”

This year we have 23 Clover Kids who have completed third Grade and moved into 4-H. We will be holding a Clover Kids Graduation ceremony to recognize those members, and help them transition into the 4-H program. This is our third year of this event taking place and we are thrilled to have so many young members excited about 4-H!

4-H’ers serving on the 2018-2019 Cass County Youth Council are Claire Smith, Katie York, Eric Plagman, Nathan Beherends, Mitchell Williamson, Aly Brockob, Grace Clay, Emily Plagman, Carli Henderson, Craig Alan Becker, Jacob Rattenborg and Haley Becker. Graduating members will be recognized and final activities of the day will be the announcement and installation of the 2019-2020 Cass County 4-H Youth Council.

Parents, relatives, friends and 4-H supporters are invited to attend this celebration and recognition event for Cass County 4-H members and leaders.