Atlantic School Officials To Send Survey On Internet Access

ATLANTIC – Parents in the Atlantic School District will be getting a survey from school officials about what access they have to the internet as students continue to be at home and not at school due to coronavirus restrictions, according to a statement from Atlantic Superintendent Steve Barber.

The plan is still to resume school on April 13, Barber said, but the “current COVID-19 crisis is changing hourly for Iowa and our country,” so school officials are looking for “creative ways” to educate students.

“(School officials) are trying to determine the number of households that have accessibility to the internet,” Barber said in the statement. “(On Wednesday), we will be sending out a short Google Survey asking parents to answer a couple of questions. If you could take a minute to complete this survey as soon as possible, it will help us identify creative ways the school can move forward and how we can broaden the access to the internet.”

However, Barber also noted in his statement that while there have been many questions to school staff about online learning, “Currently, Atlantic CSD does not have approval for online learning from the State of Iowa. In fact, only three schools in the state have been granted these waivers.”

Barber also said that “(officials with) Iowa Department of Public Health issued a document titled Advice for Talking to Children about COVID-19 and during this time feel it is valuable to share all of the steps children can take to be a part of limiting the spread of the virus.”

He also said non-perishable food items for the backpack program will be given away on Friday from 9 to 11 a.m. and next week, breakfasts and lunches will be given out from 9-11 a.m. All students under the age of 18 are eligible.

“There continues to be a lot of questions that do not have definitive answers,” Barber said in the statement. “As these answers become available, I will be communicating them out to the stakeholders. Right now the priority is to continue to keep students and staff safe!”