CASS COUNTY – The Cass County Auditor’s office is getting plenty of phone calls about absentee ballot request forms these days, in part because residents are receiving mailings asking them to request a ballot. However, the mailings aren’t coming from the auditor’s office, officials said this week.

Deputy Auditor Shirley Karns said officials from the Secretary of State office, political parties, candidates and non-profit organizations are sending out the requests, and they don’t check to see if a person has already requested a ballot.

“We’re getting slammed with phone calls (from people) checking to see if we got their ballot,” Karns said.

While voting by absentee has become popular due to the coronavirus outbreak, Karns said all these groups sending out forms to request a ballot has been going on for years, and it is not a new thing.

“They’ve always done it,” Karns said. “(Since) talking about absentee ballots is a big thing this year, people think it’s all new. And it’s really not. They’ve always sent (these mailings out).”

She said these mailings are perfectly acceptable, and can be used to request a ballot, but aren’t necessary to use if a ballot has already been requested.

People who have questions on whether or not the auditor’s office has received their request for a ballot can log onto the Iowa Secretary of State’s web site at, and look in the right hand column for “track your absentee ballot.”

Ballots in Cass County will not be mailed out until Oct. 5, and people can go back to the site to make sure their ballot was received when they send it back.