ANITA — A sea wall at Lake Anita is going to be replaced, according to Bryan Hayes, Fisheries Biologist for the Iowa DNR.

Hayes said the water level has to be lowered so the wall can be exposed and torn down, and it will be lowered between 3 and 5 feet. The goal is to have the wall completely exposed by Monday.

Hayes said the project is being completed because the wall needs to be fixed.

“That wall has been failing for a long time,” Hayes said.

Hayes said that could affect people who want to boat on the lake, but they plan to have at least one ramp for people to enter the lake with their boats during work on the wall. He said people who want to canoe or kayak shouldn’t have any trouble getting into the water.

He said demolition of the old wall and restruction of the new wall could take about month, and he hoped the water levels could start to come back this winter, and be back to normal by next spring. He said the new wall would have sheet pilings and concrete walkway.

Hayes said people should check the fishing report online or call the Iowa DNR number at Cold Springs Park at 712-769-2587 if they want more information on the status of the project.