Croghan Named New Super For CAM, Nodaway Valley

(photo contributed)

Paul Croghan will be the new CAM and Nodaway Valley Superintendent.

CAM and Nodaway Valley School District have a new shared superintendent.

Paul Croghan, who is the shared superintendent between East Mills and Essex School Districts, was hired Thursday night following formal interviews with groups from both districts. The decision to hire Croghan came Thursday evening following a joint meeting of the CAM and Nodaway Valley School Boards. He was one of three final candidates for the position.

“Feedback from over 70 stakeholders was considered in closed session after the formal interviews on Thursday, June 6,” school officials said in a release announcing the decision. “Feedback about all three final candidates was overall positive and provided clarity that Paul Croghan had the skills and experience that are needed in districts at this time.”

Croghan said he was looking forward to the new role, including learning more about the communities in the different districts, and ways to continue to improve the educational process.

“Every day I am thinking of ways to make the educational process better for all students,” Croghan said in his application. “This commitment is a part of who I am, and I know of only one way to work in education. Since education is all about people, the students, staff, and community; I will do what it takes to make the system successful for student achievement.”