ATLANTIC – The Atlantic Parks Department is offering a turkey hunt.

People can visit several different parks around town, and look for the wooden cut out turkeys for a chance to win a free frozen turkey. People should take photos of themselves with the turkeys- which can be found at Cedar Park, East Ridge Park, Harl Holt Park, Mollett Park, Pellet Park, Sunnyside Park and Schildberg Recreation Area - and send them by private message on the Atlantic Parks and Recreation Park’s Facebook Page. Those who find all the turkeys and get all the photos sent will be eligible for the free turkey. Photos must be received by Nov. 22.

Rasmussen said there are eight to 10 turkeys donated by area grocery stores for the giveaway. He said there were originally 10 turkeys people needed to look for, but one was removed. It has since been returned to the park and recreation office.

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