Supervisors Hear Heating, Cooling System Proposal

(photo by Jennifer Nichols)

Kurt Hugo, representative of the Carrier Corporation, spoke to the Cass County Supervisors on Tuesday.

CASS COUNTY – Members of Cass County Supervisors continued discussions Tuesday on a long range plan for the Cass County Courthouse, including the possiblity of updating the building’s heating and cooling system.

Kurt Hugo, a representatives from the Carrier Corporation, told the board he had worked on a plan for the courthouse several years ago, and since that time the “equipment is substantially better as far as heat capacity.”

He said the system is a one of the “most economically, non intrusive” ones with minimal maintenance that includes keeping the coils and filters cleaned. He called it very reliable, and said people who had it installed were very happy with it.

“I’ve never had anyone have buyer’s remorse after buying one,” Hugo said.

After the presentation, Supervisor Mark O’Brien said he would like to continue to study more options for the plan

“I would like to do a little bit more exploring,” he said, for example, visit other places like the courthouse in Red Oak, which have the same system.

Supervisor Frank Waters agreed that the plan still needed work, but he also thought it is important to keep moving forward with it, as about four years ago, members were having similar discussions.

“(Plans for the courthouse) got put on the back burner, and it’s still back there. We need to keep going (with this and make progress),” he said.