Two Options Popular at Aquatic Meeting

(photo by Jennifer Nichols)

YMCA Executive Director Dan Haynes spoke during a meeting about aquatic recreation.

ATLANTIC – Those who attended a meeting Tuesday night to explore options for aquatic recreation in Atlantic said they like having an outdoor water space and an expandable dome that can open and close, allowing the space to be indoor or outdoor.

Last April, a meeting was held concerning what types of recreation people in Atlantic and surrounding towns would like to have available, and a survey following the meeting showed that a splash pad or aquatic recreation was the number one request. A second meeting was planned for Tuesday night to get more ideas from the public to help make a plan. One goal is to have an attraction that draws people from all over, because people coming here for that are also likely to eat at restaurants, fill up vehicles with gas and shop at local retailers.

Nishna Valley Family YMCA Director Dan Haynes offered a few ideas, such as remodeling the YMCA zero entry space, which would be similar to a splash pad or adding a series of rings and bars to the pool to climb on above water and a series of hoops to swim through underwater, known as a ninja cross.

He also talked about the expandable dome, which can cover anything from a pool to a tennis court — and can be opened or closed. Many said they liked the dome idea.

Some people questioned if there was enough room at the current YMCA to add on more, but Haynes said the back parking lot could be used, and officials there are in the process of buying houses on Maple Street for more space.

Many said they would like to see something in an outdoor space — to encourage people to do more things outside — and thought the Sunnyside Pool location was better when it came to space to expand.

Haynes said all they were looking for Tuesday night was ideas, and the more ideas they get, they can better formulate a plan. Then designs, costs and how to pay for it can be determined.

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