ATLANTIC – The Nishna Valley Family YMCA has received a $33,000 grant from the Rural Iowa Infrastructure Fund to help with a remodeling project.

YMCA Executive Director Dan Haynes said officials have been considering doing the project for a while, which will include remodeling one of the racquetball courts into a wellness space upstairs and a child care area downstairs.

He said one court was not being used as much, and there is a need for space for child care at the facility.

“Our building was never designed for child care — even school age child care — so we’ve got all our before and after child care (programs) happening in our multi-purpose room,” Haynes said.

Haynes said staff is trying to determine what will be in the wellness space upstairs. For example, he said it could be an area for more fitness equipment or it could be left open for people to do things like stretching exercises.

After speaking to the engineer for the project on Wednesday, Haynes said the project is estimated to cost $200,000, and so far $90,000 has been raised for it. That figure includes grant funds from the Iowa West Foundation and the Cass County Community Foundation.

The YMCA Board would formally consider whether to move ahead with the project at its meeting sometime at the end of this month. Anyone interested in donating to the project can call Haynes at the YMCA at 712-243-3934.

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