Scooter's Coffee at Planning and Zoning

By Jeff Lundquist/NT Publisher

The Atlantic Planning and Zoning Commision took little time in approving a site plan for Scooter’s Coffee Tuesday night.

ATLANTIC - The Atlantic Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved Tuesday night the site plan for a new coffee business in Atlantic after tabling the issue two weeks ago.

Scooter’s Coffee plans to build a drive-through only business at 1508 East Seventh Street, west of McDonalds and in front of the Verizon building. The plan hit a temporary snag two weeks ago when commission members requested more information regarding traffic flow in the area — particularly concerning the island intersection in front of McDonalds that does not allow a left turn onto Seventh Street. Tuesday night Scooter’s Construction Manager Dan Forslund told the commission that, based on traffic flows at Scooter’s businesses of similar size, traffic congestion should not be an issue.

“During our busiest time we are projecting 25-30 vehicles,” Forsland said, noting that half of those would be turning west using existing driveways. The remaining vehicles would be turning east over a span of an hour. “You’re looking at maybe one vehicle every four minutes. In my opinion, one car every four minutes is not a congested turn.”

Forsland added that the property would allow up to 10 vehicles to back up at the service window, where service typically takes between 30-45 seconds.

After reviewing the information, commission members voiced their support for the plan.

“If there is too much traffic people are going to say, ‘hey I don’t want to go there and fight it,’” Commission member Doug Bierbaum said. “I don’t see how we couldn’t just approve it because you’re going to bring in revenue to the city, you’re going to bring in tax money — that’s two pluses. The only negative could be if there is too much traffic and people say I’m not going to fight the traffic for that coffee.”

Forsland said the company plans to seek the necessary permits to begin construction immediately and hopes to have the business open by Thanksgiving. Scooter’s has over 220 locations nationwide.