Trial Closed July 15 Between Schildberg Campground, KJAN For Repairs

(photo by Jennifer Nichols)

Flooding caused damage to the sidewalk near the pedestrian bridge.

ATLANTIC – The trail between the Schildberg Campground and KJAN Radio will be closed on July 15 to do sidewalk repair due to flooding earlier this year.

Atlantic Park and Recreation Interim Director Bryant Rasmussen said Friday the flood waters went over the top of the pedestrian bridge near the Schildberg Recreation Area, and that caused damage to a portion of the sidewalk.

“The water got so high it rose up over the top of the bridge, and so it caused some of the soil around the bridge to settle, and then it cracked, and it dropped probably about an inch, an inch and a half,” Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen said officials were waiting to see “if FEMA was going to cover the replacement of it,” before it could be repaired. He said the plan to get the repairs made on July 15 or it can be opened again for use.

“We just have to do a small section,” Rasmussen said. “They are planning on getting it all done on Monday.”